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Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Applications
An analysis of consumers’ online chatter, revealing their attitudes towards the discoverability, usability and value for money of mobile applications
Pub. Date: January 2009
Size: 84 pages
Formats: PowerPoint (Hardcopy, PDF)

Chart: User buzz and sentiment by handset typeMobile applications such as games, entertainment and productivity software, which consumers download and install onto their handset, have been available for several years. But, consumers have been slow to embrace these applications despite continual predictions that the market is on the verge of taking off. However, today, there are strong signs that consumer interest in mobile applications has finally been ignited.

This research aims to provide a better understanding of consumers' attitudes towards discovering, purchasing, downloading, installing and using mobile applications. The findings will help the various industry stakeholders optimise their approach to application development, distribution and retail, enriching their customers' experience and further accelerating growth of the market.

Topics of coverage include:

  • What do people talk about and like about mobile applications?
  • How do users rate the value for money of mobile applications?
  • What is the perception of the usability of applications?
  • What are the concerns raised concerning mobile applications?
  • How is compatibility with handsets or operators viewed?
  • How do consumers discover applications?

Answers and opinions are provided with respect to the following essential questions:
  • How has consumer interest in mobile applications changed over the past two years?
  • What aspects show negative consumer sentiment?
  • Are consumers still struggling with application ease-of-use?
  • How do attitudes to iPhone applications compare to other platforms?
  • Which types of applications dominate consumers' online chatter?
  • How successful has the 59p price point been?
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