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Grey Handsets: Market Analysis and Forecasts
Analysing the growing market for illegally produced grey mobile phones, and the impact they have on legitimate handset producers and the market as a whole
Pub. Date: June 2012
Size: 50 pages
Formats: PDF, Paper copy
Data Formats: Excel datasheet
Price: £995, £1295

Grey handsets are not recognized or licensed by government regulators and employ fake International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. Producers of these devices generally do not pay value-added taxes and, therefore, profit illegally from their participation in the market.

This report provides a global assessment of the grey handset ecosystem, in addition to considering the wider legitimate handset industry. A study of the industry’s history, value chain and market dynamics is presented. The report also provides detailed market forecasts for grey and legitimate handset shipments from 2012 to 2016, at a global, regional and country level. Historical figures for 2010 and 2011 are also provided.

Driven by a growing popularity amongst cost-conscious consumers demanding high-end features at affordable prices, ARCchart expects the grey market will continue to grow over the next two years, eventually peaking in 2013, with nearly 150 million shipments. In conjunction with legitimate handset shipments, we expect grey handset shipments will witness a decline from 2013 onwards.

Topics of coverage include:

  • History of grey handsets
  • Industry dynamics
  • Grey handset value chain
  • Competitive advantages over legitimate handsets
  • Emerging trends
  • Grey smartphones
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Innovation and innovate products
  • Regulator attempts to curtail the market
Companies and organisations mentioned, discussed or reviewed include:
CK Telecom
Texas Instruments
Tianyu (K-touch)

Answers and opinions are provided with respect to the following essential questions:
  • When will the grey handset market peak?
  • What are the factors driving the grey market?
  • How are grey manufacturers able to evade authorities?
  • Will Europe and North America see much grey handset penetration?
  • What proportion of the overall handset market will be grey?
  • Which country will be the largest market for grey devices?
  • How will the arrival of LTE impact the grey handset market?
  • What are the factors preventing regulators from a large scale crackdown?
  • Which region will experience the fastest grey handset growth in the coming years?
Grey Handsets: Market Analysis and Forecasts
Hardcopy - £995
Single-user: Electronic (PDF) - £1,295
Excel Datasheet only - £495
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