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European Carrier Mobile Broadband Network Performance
Analysing and comparing the data speed, latency, network quality and smartphone penetration for 94 mobile carriers in 28 European countries
Pub. Date: March 2011
Size: 115 pages
Formats: Paper copy, PDF
Data Formats: Excel Spreadsheet
Price: £995, £1795

Carriers are using mobile broadband as their weapon of choice in the fight against the commoditization of voice and falling ARPU. It is therefore imperative that carriers have networks which can consistently and reliably deliver good data performance to their customers.

This study is based on the data speed and latency measurements collected for 94 wireless carriers operating within 28 European countries using a smartphone app. This approach has facilitated the collection of millions of individual test readings from tens of thousands of users who have conducted tests for virtually every mobile carrier in virtually every country in the world. Using these readings, ARCchart has been able to estimate averages for download speed, upload speed, latency and overall network quality, along with a measure of smartphone penetration.

This report shows there is wide variation in the network performance between carriers and there is a genuine risk that carriers which develop a reputation for inferior performance will suffer high churn and an overall loss of subscribers.

Topics of coverage include:

  • Research methodology
  • The importance of mobile broadband to carriers
  • Theoretical versus real-world data speeds
  • Analysis and comparison of the performance of country data networks
  • Analysis and comparison of the performance of carriers' data networks
  • Carrier data throughput profiles
  • The factors influencing a carrier’s 3G data speed
  • Measuring the ‘quality’ of a network
  • The problem of unreliable networks
  • iPhone and Android carrier market share
  • Country smartphone penetration
Companies and organisations mentioned, discussed or reviewed include:
Avea Turkey
BASE Belgium
Belgacom Mobile Belgium
Bite GSM Latvia
Bite GSM Lithuania
Bouygues France
Cosmote Greece
Cosmote Romania
DNA Finland
Elia Finland
Elisa Estonia
EMT Estonia
E-Plus Germany
GloBul Bulgaria
Hutchison Austria
Hutchison Denmark
Hutchison Ireland
Hutchison Italy
Hutchison Sweden
Hutchison UK
KPN Mobile Netherlands
LMT Latvia
Meteor Ireland
MobiFon Romania
Mobilkom Austria
Mobistar Belgium
MobiTel Bulgaria
NetCom Norway
Network Norway
O2 Czech Republic
O2 Germany
O2 Ireland
O2 Slovakia
Omnitel Lithuania
Optimus Portugal
Orange Austria
Orange France
Orange Romania
Orange Slovakia
Orange Spain
Orange Switzerland
Orange UK
P4 Poland
Panafon Greece
Pannon Hungary
Polkomtel Poland
PTC Poland
PTK-Centertel Poland
RDS Romania
SFR France
Sonofon Denmark
Sunrise Switzerland
Swisscom Mobile Switzerland
TDC Mobile Denmark
Tele2 Estonia
Tele2 Latvia
Tele2 Lithuania
Tele2 Sweden
Telecom Italia
Telefonica Spain
Telekom Serbia
Telenor Mobil Norway
Telenor Mobil Serbia
Telenor Mobil Sweden
TeliaSonera Denmark
TeliaSonera Finland
TeliaSonera Sweden
TIM Hellas Greece
TMN Portugal
T-Mobile Austria
T-Mobile Croatia
T-Mobile Czech Republic
T-Mobile Germany
T-Mobile Hungary
T-Mobile Netherlands
T-Mobile Slovakia
T-Mobile UK
Turkcell Turkey
VIP Mobile Serbia
VIPnet Croatia
Vivacom Bulgaria
Vodafone Czech Republic
Vodafone Germany
Vodafone Hungary
Vodafone Ireland
Vodafone Italy
Vodafone Netherlands
Vodafone Portugal
Vodafone Spain
Vodafone Turkey
Vodafone UK
WIND Italy
Yoigo Spain

Answers and opinions are provided with respect to the following essential questions:
  • What are the applications and services driving demand for mobile broadband?
  • Which carriers are big supporters of Android devices?
  • Why should carriers be concerned about their network’s data performance?
  • What is the average data speeds observed in each European country?
  • Which country has the best performing networks?
  • How does HSPA+ impact data throughput?
  • What is the average download, upload and latency supported by each carriers’ networks?
  • Which are the carriers with Europe’s best performing broadband network?
  • Which smartphone shows better performance – the iPhone or Android?
  • Is there a correlation between network maturity and achievable download data speed?
  • Which carriers are still reliant on GPRS and EDGE infrastructure?
European Carrier Mobile Broadband Network Performance
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