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ARCchart Guarantee
Terms and Conditions

ARCchart takes the privacy of its registered users seriously.

It is important for ARCchart to safeguard its users' privacy while providing a personalised and valuable service. Collecting personal information is necessary if ARCchart is to satisfy the expectations and requirements of its users, eg, by communicating with them and providing an interactive service.

1. What information do we compile?
In addition to that given on your registration form, information is automatically retrieved on your browsing behaviour through the site. This is used only in aggregate form; no individual registered user is identified. The aggregated data lets ARCchart analyse site traffic and manage its relationship with advertisers. We thus provide you with a more relevant service.

2. What do we do with the information we collect?
The personal information you supplied on your ARCchart registration form will only be disclosed to our affiliate company ARC Associates and respectable third parties. The e-mail address you provided lets us send you information about important changes and improvements to the site, this e-mail address will not be given to anyone else. Each time you receive a message, you have the option to decline to receive further marketing.

3. What is a cookie?
ARCchart uses a "cookie" to speed up access to the site (it bypasses checking the registered user database.) A cookie is a small piece of information sent from ARCchart to your computer to help us identify you quickly. If you prefer not to accept a cookie, you can log in fully each time you use ARCchart online