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No matter where you stand in the wireless industry, ARCchart combines knowledge, objectivity and access to a wealth of intelligence resources, to help our clients make sense of the complexities of the wireless telecoms market, assisting them in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Examples of our services include:

  • Strategy we can help build a well-founded business case targeted to gain market share and boost competitiveness
  • Wireless Licence Bids we advise on strategies for obtaining wireless licences for fixed or mobile networks based on 3G or WiMAX in developed and emerging markets
  • Business Planning we conduct competitive, market and technology analyses and generate quantitative information to add value to your business plans
  • Modelling from our portfolio of financial, operational and network models we have the advanced tools needed to explore business opportunities with the right level of granularity
  • Feasibility Studies the innovative products and services that you want to introduce can be subjected to initial analysis by us to provide design feedback and as a precursor to deployment
  • Workshops for companies considering new technologies, products and services, we can explore this in an objective and structured manner based on the factors affecting your organisation


Our clients come from across the wireless landscape and include operators, manufacturers, software and application vendors, and range from small start-ups to established multinationals. We also work with firms in the financial sectors, such as VCs and investment banks, providing them with independent diligence advice and market analysis.

Customers We analyse customer needs though indirect and direct mechanisms to guide suppliers and service providers in how to best to market and position products and services
Operators We support decisions you need to make through the value chain, addressing factors such as markets, devices and technologies
Investors We analyse your portfolio, with performance assessments based on best practice and perform due diligence on potential investments
Regulators We provide an understanding of regulators and how to manage relations with them, balancing your interests with the regulatory framework
Suppliers We generate insights into the industry to help your product and market development objectives